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OVERALL PRODUCTS INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                ACCESSORIES  Tube Supports  ASME PRODUCTS INTRODUCTION                                                                                                   ASME BPE-2002 Compliant Fittings AWF 

   Tube OD 1/2" up to 4" as standard; larger sizes are available upon request.
   For Orbital Welding Items: SS316Lˇmwith sulfur controlled to 0.005~0.017% on all weld endsˇn
   For Clamp Items: SS304
   Both Mechanical-Polishing and Electro-Polishing are available.
       No buffing material is used.
 RA Control/ˇ@-inch:
   Mechanically-Polished = 25RA/20RA/15RA
       Electro-Polished = 20RA/15RA/10RA
   MaterialType; Heat No; ASME BPE-2002ˇmif applicableˇn
   All BPE Fittings are end-capped to provide better protections on the weld ends as well as ferrule faces
       All BPE Fittings are individually packed in heat-sealed plastic bags to provide better protections on th
      OD surfaces and preservation environment for the fittings.
 Specialty Item:
   Please contact J-CHEN for fittings not shown in this catalog.